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Kaminda Dr. Amado Römer , Sint Michiel

ƒ650.000 k.k.


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The true Bohemian is always looking for something special, something extraordinary, possibly even a tad extravagant. At least something that suits his or her lifestyle.

Architect Cees den Heyer, himself a person who embraces Bohemianism, has created, for the Bohemians of this world on his own property, the plantation of Landhuis Klein Sint Michiel, in a beautiful natural environment (the ‘mondi’) 17 ultramodern design villas for four , six or eight people. The first villas are ready and can therefore be purchased or purchased as an investment.

The photos speak for themselves; these are houses with a very special character, located in a so-called ‘gated community’, behind the beautiful country house and adjacent to the nature reserve around the salt pans of Boca Samí. In order to benefit optimally from the trade winds (from the east), the houses are oriented east-west. The living and sleeping quarters are located on the floor, in order to enjoy the view of the saliña between the trees and to have the idea of ​​living under the treetops. The wind can be regulated by the hardwood frames that are located in almost the entire west façade. The living room is open and gives the impression of a huge widescreen display on which a nature film is played.

Bohémi Resort is quiet, yet very centrally located and therefore sports, relaxation, beaches and shopping within easy reach. At 10 minutes drive you will find the center of Willemstad – Punda and Otrobanda – with its beautiful buildings and delicious restaurants. In the immediate vicinity of Bohémi you will encounter the picturesque local fishing village Boca Samí and the wonderfully trendy beach Kokomo.

You live in the middle of the ‘mondi’, the Curaçao nature, with its beautiful flora and fauna. The area around the saliña (salt pans) is protected, partly because it is the home base for many birds, including the flamingos.

The design of the houses is modern tropical, inspiring and – very bohemianistic – non-conformist to its surroundings. Cees den Heijer is the inventor, architect and co-developer of this high-profile resort. Den Heyer has more than earned his spurs on Curaçao, among other things with the very successful development of Boca Gentil resort. Last year Den Heyer was honoured with the Cola Debrot prize, named after the poet, writer, doctor and minister Cola Debrot (1902-1981). It is a Curaçaoan general culture prize that is in principle (but not always) awarded annually to individuals or organizations that have made themselves meritorious in one of the categories architecture, visual art, dance, folklore, literature, music, theater or science. The prize was set by the Executive Council of the Island Territory of Curaçao.

The 17 houses can be used for permanent residence as well as for holiday / rental. Residents of Bohémi share a fantastic pool with sun terrace, various places to relax and can experience the work of ‘Artists in residence’ at the country house.



* 3 bedrooms
* Work room optional as a 4th bedroom
* Private storage
* Open garage
* Living room and kitchen on stilts at a height of 4.5 meters
* Porch with outdoor kitchen under living room / kitchen
* Toilet with installation space underneath
* All bedrooms can be equipped with an own toilet

Total built area: 255m2 (including terrace under living room)
Terrace floor: 45 m2

Price: 795,000 NAF


* 2 bedrooms
* Optional work room as 3rd bedroom
* Private storage
* Living room and kitchen on stilts about 1.5 meters
* Terrace of 15 m2 on ground floor
* Toilet with installation space underneath
* All bedrooms can be equipped with an own toilet

Total built area: 165m2
Terraces ground floor and floor: 47 m2

Price: 650,000 NAF

There is plenty to do in the vicinity of Bohémi. Below are a number of highlights.

Kokomo Beach and Blue Bay Beach are just 3 minutes away by car.

This village is around the corner. Here you can see the local fishermen coming in the morning with their fishing boats and clean and sell their caught fish. On the boulevard is a cozy restaurant where fresh fish can be eaten.
There is also a nice small beach.

For water sports you can go to the village of Boca Samí, the resort of Blue Bay or the beach of Kokomo, all three very close by.

At Blue Bay you can play golf with a view of the Caribbean Sea. It is a professional 18-hole golf course for players of all levels.

You can walk and cycle in the immediate vicinity. You can for instance make a beautiful walk around the saliña (salt pans) of about an hour. You can also stroll from Boca Samí to the beach of Kokomo, enjoying the breathtaking views over the Caribbean Sea. You have never seen so many shades of blue in your life.

For a nice outdoor ride you can go to the country house across the road, Landhuis Groot St. Michiel, Rancho Alegre.

The historic center of Willemstad can be reached within 10 minutes by car.

A large supermarket can be found at 1 minute by car.

In the huge Venezuelan mall Sambil you can shop extensively, eat well, play bowling, go to the cinema, or workout. There is a lot to do for children in and around Sambil. You will find a playground and a trampoline center and you can organize football parties on the artificial grass fields next to the shopping center. Sambil can be reached within 5 minutes.

Hato International Airport is only 10 minutes away, so you’ll be home soon.

* Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties. The term Bohemian is now widely accepted as the description of a particular kind of literary ‘gypsy’, regardless of what language he or she speaks, or where he / she lives.
Bohemia are often artists, writers, journalists, musicians and actors and are associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment political or social standpoints, often manifested by free love, austerity and – in some cases – voluntary poverty.

Another movement of Bohemianism concerns the more privileged, rich or even aristocratic man. This lifestyle is also called ‘Haute Bohème’. Especially for these Bohemians, architect Cees den Heyer has created a resort with very special design villas.


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