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For Rent Spacious Apartment

ƒ950,-/Per month


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KNUS APARTMENT IN COTTAGE (including electricity, water and internet)

In the rural Kato garden, where the wind is wonderfully blowing, we have this cozy apartment in the offer. Suitable for a single person or a couple, of any composition whatsoever. The owners of the property live in the right-hand part of the house. The middle part is under development as a rental apartment and the far left is ready to be involved. The house has a nice porch, a living room with open kitchen, a spacious bedroom and a bathroom. The apartment is rented furnished, but of course you can bring your own things, in addition.

The house is rented including internet, as well as electricity and water to a certain maximum. There are intermediate meters.


– from 3 months to 1 year
– internet included
– electricity and water including up to quota
– furnished
– alarm
– cameras
– no pets (or small)
– air conditioning in bedroom


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    Air conditioning

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